Saturday, February 2, 2008

exercise #2 - kiss

two more exercises to add...

11 - a kiss. if there is something more hard to
draw, i don't know what it is.
12 - punched in the face - who wouldn't want
to to take a stab at drawing this?

anyway, exercise #2 (i warned you they might be in a different order). the kiss:

not sure that i love any of these, but they are a start. no particular reason why it's superman and wonderwoman, although i do have dc on the brain this weekend. i'll be doing more!

ps - some of yous guys might want to try these, too. just to make your lives more difficult!


kir bostic said...

looking good so far Ben. I can't wait til the album cover is inked and colored. exciting challenges you are putting up for yourself.

Jon McNally said...

These seem to me plenty emotive, Ben. I see graceful tension, if that makes any sense.

All Things To Me said...

I like it...reminds if they did Superman and WonderWoman in the style of Disney's Hercules.