Wednesday, March 12, 2008


hi all!

thanks for the comments, or just peeping in. right
now, i'm in the middle of a career change, so not a
lot of time for doodling.

although i'm fired up to finish some of these and
start a few things that go in an entirely different
direction. we went to the whitney biennial last week,
which was half interesting and half retarded. i refuse
to believe that we were seeing the best of the best in
new american modern art. i can think of plenty of
projects turned in by my fellow students in college
that were more original, more provocative, and even
better crafted than some of that junk.

unfortunately, modern "modern" art is like anime or
musical skits on SNL -- lots of potential, and every
once in a while someone does a great job, but it's
usually a waste of time.
which is more obvious when you go to the MoMA and see
work by klee, miro, gaughan (sp?), picasso, and esp-
ecially after seeing their UNBELIEVABLE lucian freud
exhibit. lots of fun, and lots of ideas for me...

anyhoo... last week i did a little more of that hulk,
here it is in it's glory. also, you can see tons of
my illustrations and designs dumped here:

a lot of it is old, some of it is new.

see you next time!


Jon McNally said...

Can't say I'm surprised to read your comments on the Whitney Biennial. Never attended the event myself, but comments from folks like Tyler Green lead me to believe the event can be rather disappointing and even seem misguided. Hope sometime to hear details about the career change.

crylic said...

Nice stuff Ben, I'm a huge fan.

Alex said...

Hi Ben.
I'm great fan!I really like your work.I bought your Dracula Action Classic last week and.....WOW!!!Amazing drawings and colors.The Dracula and Mina design are my favorite!Great book and blog.

flaviano said...

do you have a blog?!! great! we have to spread the word to the world!
hope to see more!
have a nice day!

FerdinandKreozot said...

This is awesome. Good to see your work at one place.

Cheers to your pencil,



LFW said...

OMG it's BEN C with his own BLOG! WICKED!

I'm coming by here regularly now



Uncle Phil said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Oh.. and I'm commenting on this post because i think that it's funny that we all probably have the same folder of "old parchment" full of hi res jpegs pulled from google images. I know I have this one