Tuesday, March 3, 2009

color tests

just some VERY rough color tests
for my upcoming wonder woman
story. the editor really likes my
st michel thumbnails (below), so
i'm working in that general vein.

also, since the stories take place
in a sort of dream-haze, i wanted
dreamlike colors.

i'll post some final art next week...

ps - the japanese lake is for story 2,
the city (gotham plaza, to be exact)
is from story 1


chrishaley said...

Looks great.
Are you able to tell us where we should be looking out for this yet, or is it a secret?

Jon McNally said...

Loving the colors in these dreamy layouts, sir. I look forward to this book.

Ed Bickford said...


Your sequential thumbs are beautiful!

now what size is this comic? I am confused on where the pages start and end with what you have shown.

none the less, they are eye candy.Thanks Ben.

Honolulu Dogfight said...

good grief that looks brilliant! when can we get this?

ben c said...

it is no longer secret,
this book will start
coming out in june.
ed - that one sheet
is a single page, 14x20


Vinnie Bartilucci said...
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Vinnie Bartilucci said...

This is approximately 78.4% better art than we truly deserve. You are a generous man.

I want this to succeed so much it will make others want to do it.

manuel said...

Is that Cat-topped building a Shreck department store (from Batman Returns)?

ben c said...

vinnie - nope, you all deserve the best!
except steve, perchance.


manuel - it is indeed. originally, this scene was going to be times square, but that wasn't very fun to draw, and it seemed more logical to use a DCU location. the WW story is very surreal, and i've always liked the surreal quality of gotham city.

andy kuhn said...


this is beautiful work, sir! i have been a fan of yours for quite a while but i just discovered your blog through a link on newsarama. i can't wait for WEDNESDAY COMICS, the lineup looks amazing.

EDC said...

excellent! my main man Ben C is working on WW.

Anonymous said...