Tuesday, April 7, 2009


i haven't posted lately because all my work is WW-related, and i don't want to ruin ALL of the fun! although i will probably post a few snippets of final art eventually. anyhoo... it has occurred to me that the three people who actually look at this blog might not be members of the DB or my cartooning forum, so i though i'd repost some recent work from there, daily doodles:

i can't say that i like the WW one, but she looks nothing like that in my comic, so no worries...


Avi Drucker said...
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Avi Drucker said...

thanks for sharing as always. I hope things are rolling along professionally in the direction you've been intending. I recall your storyboarding on dorothy... I'm always blown away by your pencils and story telling ability.

by the way, I'm in Japan now until around May... is there anything you'd like from Japan? I'd be happy to pick up something for ya ^_^

James Figueiredo said...

Hi, I'm a big fan of your work, and I'm DELIGHTED to hear you'll be working on Wonder Woman for the Wednesday COmics project from DC!

Used to follow your posts at the DB forum, but curiously I've never visited your blog - It's been now properly added to my GoogleReader.

Also, just bought (and LOVED) your Dracula book, beautiful work there!


RAWLS said...

Awesome sketches my friend! These are great!!!

פטרי בלנובסקי said...

can I just say this -
Ben you are a hero of mine since... well who the hell remembers....
you still kick major ass.
I love your work, and your style is so tight and solid, it hurts.

keep up the fantastic work, pops.


Justin Rodrigues said...

Great stuff. I can't wait to see the finished comic also!

wws1fan said...

WOW your work amazes me!! Jealous! I used to draw but that was long ago! Your Wonder Woman is very nice even though you took a different spin on her costume! You are great! I can't wait to see your Wonder Woman Wednesday Comics!

ben c said...

avi - this has been an amazing chance, not only to take another stab at WW (after the kid's books), but to go right at the throat of a lot of things i've been wanting to tackle over the years. if you look at my first few blog posts, you can see exactly what i'm going after. so far i've bee very happy with it all!

as for japan... unless you could bring back the tiny town of tojo (hiba-gun, hiroshima-ken) i think i'm good. but thank you -- i sure am jealous!

james - thanks! i am actually very proud of dracula (outside of a few mistakes that i'm not required to reveal). obviously, a lot of the credit goes to bram stoker and writer mike mucci, but i enjoy reading it. although i desperately wish that we could have done it with about 20 more pages. but it wasn't my call, and anyway i wish all of my stories had about 20 more pages to work with...

rawls - thank you!

pat - since "tommy trouble"? because that would be crazy. hopefully, once WW is over, i will have the chance to start up a few new projects i'm very excited about... and of course the always-mentioned, never-actually-done dare detectives #2! ah, well...

justin - thanks!

wws1fan - i'm glad you like it, although i suspect that you may be in the minority. fortunately, i get paid either way! and i should emphasize once again that i haven't posted any pics of ww's actual costume. the drawings here show designs for various pre-costume outfits that ww dons, as well as general amazon clothes. (once the project is further along i'll probably post more of that sort of thing.)

i've probably already publicized this before, but if i haven't, the overall plot of my story is that young ww, fresh from the contest, has strange adventures as she travels the world collecting the "seven stars", (the lost gear of queen hyppolita -- gauntlets, lasso etc) that were scattered when the amazons left mortals' world for paradise island. so she doesn't have the entire ww "look" until well into the story.

frankly, i'm not entirely sure how close her end costume will be to the current look. obviously, she will look like ww, not some hobo... but she's more likely to look like the original ww than the contemporary one. and in any case, if people want the exact same story and the exact same art over and over, there are plenty of people out there who will oblige them.

wws1fan said...

The story sounds amazing! I've never heard of anyone being so original with Wonder Woman!! NOW I'm REALLY excited to see the final product and the workings behind it!!! I have a nice collection of behind the scenes - making of artwork that you might like to see. Check it out here Wondersinart.com.

I LOVE all production work that makes it into the final production! Obviously from my site you can see that the Super Friends are my favorite. That was how I fell in love with animation and the world of comics. Hope you enjoy!
P.S. If your production art from this Wonder Woman project needs a home.... I think I know of a good one!