Wednesday, May 13, 2009


visited CBR recently.
big mistake.

anyhoo...drew this a few weeks ago,
lost it, refound it. yay! now i just need
to find some also-awol "kula kola" girl
drawings (if you have my sketchbooks,
you might remember her...)

separately, i lost the little notebook that
had work for WW and DD2. it' not too bad --
lots of WW ref, but i still have the original
sources, or memorized it. ditto for the plot
notes (although there is now someone, some-
where in mid-long island, who knows all of
the spoilers).
i miss the DD notes more. most of them i
remember, but of course sometimes there
are unknowns that you know, and unknowns
you don't know, if you know what i mean.
especially lots of stuff about the gang's
mannerisms, body language etc -- things
that i'm always fascinated to see in real
people, and want to bring more into my art.

ps - finding toby made me all nostalgic for DD2... here are a few thumbs from the beginning, showing how i work. a lot of times i have the scene running in my head like a film, even a lot of the dialogue. these are actual size(about 2" square each), i like to put an entire scene on a single page if possible, so i can check how it all hangs together. in an odd way, the much much larger WW comic pages/scenes work the same way.

you can't tell here, but if you could see the whole page, you'd see that i start on the right side and work leftward (because i'm left-handed, i suppose).


Mark said...

Are the babymen talking trash on the messageboards again? Ignore 'em. It's not like DC doesn't make an entire line of comics to pander to their tastes already.

Anonymous said...

ignore the critics, listen to the cheerleaders. ( but if they really annoy you, feed them to something monstrous. backgrounds always look better filled with horrific mayhem. )

Sam Massey said...

Just because some Rob Liefeld fan is critical because your WW doesnt have a huge friggin' gun, shoulder pads, and a zillion pouches, doesn't mean that they aren't tasteless jerks. it means they are tasteless jerks. Stay the course. You are bringing cartooning back to the masses, and fun back to comics.