Wednesday, June 3, 2009

don't point guns... the angry lady amazon.


RAWLS said...


wws1fan said...

WOW!! I can't wait! The pencils are spectacular...the colors are just amazing! WOW!!

Jon McNally said...

Great pose, Ben. Much more graceful and affecting than the usual arm crossing.

Monkeyfeather said...

Glorious. Another one of those wonderful poses I keep talking about.

Zawadi said...

This is a very strong piece. I really love the position!

David Pentecost said...

I agree - it's a great pose with a lot of power. One thing I am curious about - her arm is covering her face which I always struggle with when drawing poses like this. My question is:

Does it matter if the characters face is obscured? Do you try to avoid this or do you just go for the best pose possible regardless of where the face ends up?

ben c said...

thank rawls!

jon - this is the first time she's ever doing it, so she doesn't have a particular formula. although in the final pages you will see that she always goes into a set "battle-ready" pose before fighting.

john - don't worry, i keep a copy of "appleseed" by my desk... just in case.

zawadi - to be perfectly honest with you, i'm surprised i got it right on the first try. usually with a pose like this i end up drawing it many many times before i'm happy. or... maybe i've just lowered my standards.

david - it only matters whether you want it obscured, if that is what the pose calls for. in this case, she's almost reflexively putting her arm up like a shield and ducking behind it. also, this is one panel in a whole page of ww action, so you still know who she is in this panel without clearly showing her face. if it was a cover etc, then it might be more of an issue.

Peter said...

Ben, darn you to heck for making me want to buy a comic again after swearing off the darn things two years ago.

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