Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sophie's choice

hi all!

i've been doing a poster and t-shirt for reaper-con, the reaper miniatures gaming convention. anyone who has the misfortune of knowing me, knows that i LOVES the miniatures. i have a bin full of half-painted miniatures -- i love them, i'm just terrible at doing anything with them. (citadel miniatures were actually a pretty major influence on my art in college, and i think it still shows.)

so this gig has been a lot of fun, and i even get a miniature out of it!

the last one is the one they went with. i have a picture post limit, so i'll see you in the next post.


Zawadi said...

Wow i love the fact that yor brainstorming sketches look amazing. I like seeing the steps on how you come up with such great art. What are some of your influences and what college did you go to?

ben c said...


i went to parsons for my BFA. sadly, i picked parsons for its fashion program, but then i realized i hate sewing so i did illustration instead.

lots of influences, here are a few:

comics - jack kirby, masamune shirow, frank miller, chester brown

animation - don bluth, eyvind earle (sleeping beauty), rankin & bass

historical - japanese woodblocks, medieval manuscripts, russian icons, art nouveau, edmund dulac, early 1960s product design & architecture, shang bronzes

there are others, but that's a start. and a lot of my influences are actually non-visual; music, books etc.

Ed Bickford said...

you inspire me dude.

I wish you would post more art more often.

keep up the good work.

~Ed Bickford