Wednesday, June 2, 2010

long live the queen!

experimenting with digital inking. i've tried it before without much satisfaction, but this time i was trying to be much less prissy and exact. it was a lot of fun! it also gives a VERY different look from the original pencils.

this is queen hippolyta back in the day, the "writing" up top is amazonian (yes it actually says something). the composition is overwhelmingly (if indirectly) influenced by woodblock artists like kunioshi and sharaku and this guy:

i particularly wanted something that felt massive and overwhelmed the page. it's actually something, compositionally, i've been wanting to play with for two years, and i'd love to follow up when i have time. ha ha the joke, it is on me!


Mark said...

Solid gold, that.

Fabian said...

Great result, hope you find that time. Amazing piece, your digital inking is really great!! :)

Ash Collins said...

just epic as usual. please post more new drawings, we're totally jonesing for Caldwell goodness!

SAM said...

Is she wearing Ares armor? It looks amazing.

ben c said...

what the what?
i know i replied to this.

anyhoo, howdy!
thanks guys, it was a lot of fun doing this one, i started a few more, but work blah blah.

sam - that is indeed ares armor.