Monday, October 11, 2010



well, NYCC was more exhausting -- and more interesting -- than i was expecting. i didn't really have a plan, and i know there were a lot of people i was planning on looking up who i missed. that's one of the things that always bugs me about big cons, even though it's obviously my own fault.
fortunately, i did get to see a lot of fantastic people, including old pals like steven silver and cheeks (who are way out of my league but don't seem to realize it, which is fine with me)! thank god mike (miss mucci if you're nasty) got me through saturday, and he didn't even use his imaginary ninja sword on anyone the whole time! that was a first.
and of course i have to mention joao and nuno and ricardo (wait, i think there were 2 ricardos?) and basically the whole portuguese comics cartel, who had some beautiful work and were nicer than nice! people who are so positive make me uncomfortable, because i am made out of complex carbohydrates and spite. hopefully some of their new projects make it to american publishers!
on the more soulless side of things, i had some interesting business meetings and, if all goes well, it looks like i will be very busy next year.

anyhoo, talking to joao inspired me to revamp some characters from an old pitch of mine, originally for a cartoon. maybe it would work better as an online comic?


Fabian said...

Good to know you have a great time and if you have a lot of work for next year that is big great news for me cause will get to enjoy more of your fantastic work! :)

Zawadi said...

wow this and the other drawings are so great. I've been thinking, and since your drawings are centered around woman i would love to see you draw Jessica Rabbit!!!

Ricardo VenĂ¢ncio said...

Hey Ben!
It's one of the Ricardos here. It was great meeting and talking to you at NYCC. Your work has been an inspiration for years, so to meet the artist behind the art and finding that on top of all the talent you seem like a really nice guy was a great treat to this year's con.

Hope we all get very busy next year. Thanks for the support.

Will Caligan said...

Glad you had so much fun in NY. I think you are on the same level as Sean. He has mad skills but so do you buddy. You rock.

Can't wait to see what you have going on in the future.

kalonji said...

fantastic blog ,great artwork !!