Wednesday, November 9, 2011

design, posing, and body language

these are some notes i drew up for my current cartooning class.

i used DD's arch-foe red dingo, who i have only recently figured out how to draw.
he is a manic and grandiose character, so he was a perfect example for showing changes in body language for depression, elation etc that need to look exciting, while essentially being static poses.
the stages go from right to left, because i am left-handed and everything i do is backwards

if you have my earlier sketchbooks, or the uberfolio, you can see plenty of examples of the attempts i've made at red dingo over the years.
i actually have dozens of pages of these expressions/poses, it seems i went from total block to artistic diarrhea. enjoy the mental image!

red dingo is enjoying it
the bar poses are from a scene in "the kula kola caper". don't worry, kids, it's just ginger ale!

and vodka.


joão m. p. lemos said...

damn you

Greg said...

Wow, this is great stuff! Love seeing your thought process along with the amazing sketches.

Gillibean said...

I love your tutorials! So clear and dynamic. A lot better than the how to bokos i grew up on.

Draw 2 circles for the head and body...then add everything else.....

Larry MacDougall said...

Love these !

RazorFire said...

Pretty cool! I didn't know you were giving a drawing class.

By the way, did you get my e-mail yet?

ben c said...

joao - too late.

greg - "thought process" is a stretch.

gillibean - hey, i wrote those books!

larry - thanks!

RF - yes. sorry, just no time to answer. a quick answer would be to start with simple, radically different scales and simple shapes. i'll have to look at your stuff, though.

ps - the classes are in reading, pa. so anyone who wants to master cartooning and lives in the berks county area, sign up at the yocum art institute, baby!