Thursday, May 10, 2012


hi all!
reading with pictures: the graphic novel needs your kickstarter help! so every day for the next seven days, RWP is having a raffle: everyone who pledges $50 or more has a chance to win a BEN C commission of their choice! 7 days means 7 chances to win art! and win or not, everyone who pledges gets other rewards, including copies of the graphic textbook itself. and you're helping out a great cause!!!


don't let dinosaur-riding lincoln down.

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Sam Massey said...

Ben, I was thinking about this Kickstarter thing. Ive been considering starting a project of my own there (a food truck, not a comic), but it seems to me that with all of your fans, kickstarter may be a way for you to fund a self published venture, like st michaels or one of your other properties. donations couls fetch anything from a pre-printed thank you card, a copy of the completed book to original sketches or story pages. id bet you would clean up. plus, some projects fund WELL over 100 percent, suck as that stick figure sword thingy. I think you have the currency to do well. just a thought.