Thursday, September 6, 2012


howdy all!
well it's been a busy year and no doubt, and now it's all starting to come out! the new dare will be coming out through comixology this fall, along with the misfits' manual. there will also be the digital DC comic i did last year, and a "legends of the guard" short. and let's not forget the wizard of oz!

the 4th all-action classic boasts the same 130pp of fantastic art as the others, along with that certain ben caldwell je ne said quoi you all know and love.

love it, damn you. love it!

i spent a looong time and a lot of sweat on this one, and i'm really excited to share it with everyone! so here is a sneak peek at a few scenes from the book; download, read and enjoy!

feel free to download these pages, reblog/repost them, share the love!
i will also be posting more behind the scenes and process art, so see you soon.

ben c


Unknown said...

Picked this up last week. The colors turned out really lucious on this one! Fantastic work. Looking forward to all the rest coming up.

Richard said...

Wow! This looks great Ben. Well done said...

I am a HUGE FAN of your work.
I own two of your books. The Fantasy and Action Cartooning. Love your style!
Just sayin :)

Austin Reinkens said...

So stoked! placed my order today! cant wait to add it to the collection!

77studios said...

Just waiting for mine...

77studios said...

Put a page up on my facebook to laud your glory @Drink Draw.
All the best, bro!

Christina M. said...

These comic pages are JUST amazing!!!! :D

Gary Geraths said...

Very nice work. Great combination of composition, design, story and color. I sent it over to several of my college classes and industry buddys to look at. Congrats and I'll look for it in my local comic/novel shop

ben c said...

thanks guys!!!
i finally got a copy of my own. it was a lot of fun to do and i'm proud of it, but i do wish i could've made it about twice as long! ah well. post more but i have to run


meaches said...

It's looks great, ben! Always been a fan. Hope I can find a copy for myself.