Thursday, October 18, 2012

tiny doodles!

hi all!
did some of these a loooong time ago, like how small and cropped they are. (once i ordered my favorite drawing paper, but it was legal not letter size, so i had to cut off the excess.) found more of these tiny sheets, started drawing more tiny doodles!

i think i'm going to sell these off for $10 each. i like drawing them but, honestly, i'm sick of having so much junk in my house. in fact, i think i'm going to go through a lot of art and sell it off cheap, i have scans of everything anyway!


sal said...

How can I have one? (the bottom one)

ben c said...

hi sal!
you can paypal me $10, email me at ben(at)daredetectives(dot)com for the details.
don't forget your address!

sal said...

Thank you Ben!

sal said...

Sorry to bother you but I didn't receive any sketch, did you send it already?