Friday, October 4, 2013

daily doodle 19

can't remember when or why i restarted the doodles from zero, but apparently i did, and this is the nineteenth since then! anyway, i really missed doing these -- i've been drawing plenty, just not much i can post. hopefully this will continue tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow (in a petty pace, no doubt).

anyway, always loved the 80's x-men, really weird and not as cool as they later became. anytime you have a new-wave dixie flirt, a shy jewish teen with a pet dragon, and a mohawked punk from africa, good things are going to happen.

hope i'll see some of you at new york comic con, i'll be at table D6!


8x11", pencil. SOLD.

1 comment:

Michael E. Pritchard said...

Really like that angle. Nice and uncluttered with some serious movement. Well Done, man!