Tuesday, December 10, 2013

daily doodle catch up

hi all! been busy lately, started a few talky posts, but don't know when i'll finish them. in the meantime, some recent daily doodles! $40 each, if you want any.

$40 if you want it.



marinobean said...

great work!!
i was wondering if you take on freelance assignments? i have a character set i need help visualizing and would love to discuss this if you have the time or interest?

please write with any questions:

cheers, marino

SlaterDies said...


Sorry if I'm too dumb to figure this out. I want some of your sketches. I'm not sure how to go about buying them. Do I contact you? Is there a store?


ben c said...

hi slater!

you can just tell me here in the comments section, or you can email me ben(at)dare detectives(dot)com.

i also post them first (and more regularly) on twitter, so if you follow me there you can stake one out.

if you're interested in any of the unsold ones (and there are quite a few) you can email me about availability.

and of course, you can get copies of them, 80 at a time, in the collected books of the daily doodles. the first is available now ($15), the second will be out this spring.


BluePrint said...

Are you going to post anything its been awhile.