Saturday, March 21, 2015

inks for practicing 1

howdy all!
gabe from SCAD asked if i had any inked pages that he could use for coloring practice. ol' ben is nothing but love, so i thought i'd start posting some hi-res inks here for anyone who wants to do the same.


round 1: pages from future's end--superboy (to make it easier for anyone who wants to play with some of the backgrounds, i've put them as grey)...

(EDIT: i guess blogspot compresses them, i may or may not have the energy to mask a dropbox-type thing for people to get hi-res copies...)


YURI TIMG said...

can you please tell me which issue or title of superbly you are doing?

love your work man

Eric Peters said...

Thanks for posting all of these! This is awesome. Do you mind if I include pages I flat/color in my portfolio of samples? Trying to build up my portfolio but don't want to include them without permission. Thanks.

Eric Peters said...

And any chance to get hi res images rather than the blogspot-compressed versions? :)

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