Thursday, December 31, 2009

my secret

now all i need is a publisher!
anyways, happy new year everyone!
i hope you have a good 2010!

ps - since it is the "secret" of st michel, there may or may not be hidden pages and art on the site.


Fabian said...

WWOoaA! Yes, we need that publisher, that is a very amazing project!!
Have a great happy new year you too, Ben! Best wishes for you and your love ones! :)

XAV said...

I really hope you'll find a publisher, it's very pleasant to see you in french inspired univers, it's very original and creative, I really I can read it one day.
All the best for this new year !

Zawadi said...

Wow need that publisher because it looks like a its gunna be big. I also love the additions you have made to the site too.

RAWLS said...

ditto on the wow!! Beautiful work my friend... this looks fantastic!! I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a publisher.
Happy 2010!!!

ben c said...

howdy all!

as you may or may not know, i've been working on this project very slowly, in my "off" time. i started it in 2005 (well, started the story, the basic concept was originally for a toy idea in 2000, and some of the ideas even go back to college). so i'm definitely doing something with this in 2010!
we'll see about publishers. it's always easy to get them interested in something in a general way; getting them to give you money and printing it is a different matter.

XAV - haha! i'm actually wondering if french people would just be puzzled and irritated because, while it is rooted in french history and culture (esp the 14th century, the revolution and the fin de siécle), i'm sure my take on things is very un-french. like when japanese ads use english, it doesn't quite work.
on the other hand, i was able to put a trip to the gers last year as "research"!

also, i plan to do horrible, terrible things to the french language.

anyhoo... i'll be updating that site every once in a while. the trick is, i have a LOT more art (and notes) but they are secret. until the story comes out.

happy new year y'all!

rad sechrist said...

Very cool. I love the way you draw buildings. They have so much character. I would love to see this finished!

LeDidole said...

I am sure French people will not mind! I don't... that's already one!
As for a publisher, you may try the french ones, like Soleil, Vents d'Ouest or Delcourt. You should seriously consider! I am not kidding!

YURI said...

ok ok
dear ben
from the beginning i have been trying to figure out if the wonder woman work you are doing is for a comic i can buy on a comic shop or if its a web comic.
please! pretty please!
let me know how i can obtain this wonderful work you have done

or does anyone!!??

thank you

stay safe

Anonymous said...
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ben c said...

rad - thank you! although i have to confess, it's a lot easier when you're drawing rotting old medieval buildings than, say, a block of modern skyscrapers.

ledidole - i would love to do comics through a french publisher, but i wonder if this particular story would be better published through a children's book publisher. it's just a different approach, i think. not that i know anything about anything.

yuri - hi yuri! the older art i posted for WW was for the "wednesday comics" series. if you missed the 12 issues, they are all being reprinted as a single giant hardcover book next spring. some of the newer WW art was just because...OR IS IT?

LeDidole said...

Ben, if your story is in a comics format, then it can fit also as most major french publishers have different collections of comics, with different target age. Don't think it is the same system than the US market. Definitively different.

Doug Dutton said...

Hey Ben,
"my secret" aside, which is just wonderful, my comment is on your stuff overall... I am very inspired by your work, as a designer myself, I love the fact that you keep your finished art loose! It captures a lot of movement and energy. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...


Charlène Le Scanff said...

Hi, I just have discovered your blog... Really Impressive. I really love your characters! Good luck for your publisher!

Steve LeCouilliard said...

Oooohhh... I'm excited! I really hope you get a publisher for this. It looks awesome!

manuel loayza said...

!exelentes tus trabajos!!!
el estilo es bastante depurado..


YURI said...

what in the wide wild world of sports its going on?!
this WW story has been published?
for he "wednesday comics" series?
good God ?! is that for a newspaper or some kind of new DC book?
i missed it man.
please, please let me know when the compilation will come out, and where i can purchase it.
i do hope you include sketches and all the studies you did in the hardcover.
GIANT HARDCOVER! oh boy can't wait!
stay safe
and thanks for the inspiration