Monday, April 12, 2010

what the what?

some of my junk will be in this year's SPECTRUM17, including some wednesday comics wonder woman pages and this little feller. which i drew while bored out of my skull at a neighborhood meeting. thank you, meeting room #4 of the port washington library!


Steve LeCouilliard said...

Ooooh! I like this!

Fabian said...

Wooaa! Pays to be on thosde meetings then!! :)

Elliot Cowan said...


Raul Avila said...

I hope that you have many meetings of vicinity... this way you draw mas things like that


RAWLS said...

Amazing!! This will make a great desktop bg!
...that must have been one long and boring meeting!

Tom said...

Dear Mr. Caldwell. Check your e-mail. My sketchbook query may have been filtered into a junk folder. I'm interested in sketchbooks!

Adam Temple said...

Awesome entry! Very unique.

YURI said...

i'm not viewing nothing really new in your action cartooning forum. like the the odyssey color art

anyways, i am waiting for the wonder woman work to be published as one whole book
but i came across 2 titles of wonder woman that had your name on it.

are these the books for the work you just did on wonder woman?
i am getting your oddyssey book right now and your dracula book
congratulations on award
you deserve it for the hard work
its beautiful
thanks for continually inspiring me and hating you for been better then me.
hahahahahah kidding!!!!
love your work

Chris Battle said...

Holy crap! Amazing. ... and how the hell did I not notice you've had a blog for the last 2 yrs?

Anonymous said...

Wicked piece ya got here...nuff said.
Have you considered getting a account?

Manuel Dupong said...

You have an amazing style going there!

poda said...

Sweet! Love the color treatment.