Monday, May 24, 2010


no time to post lately, blah blah blah.
anyway, this wednesday (may 26) i'll be at jim hanley's universe in NYC, signing junk and talking. presumably about "wednesday comics", but who knows? maybe they want my opinion about the decline of participatory democracy or something. i think the hardcover WC will be out, i'll be bringing a copy, and also i'll be bringing lots of original art for people to crumple up. also, puppies!

ok, no puppies, everything just sounds nicer with puppies.

and now for something completely different:


Fabian said...

I live in Mexico, is too far for me, but if you bring the puppies i'll find the way to go. Good luck there man! Can't wait to have my WC hardcover.
This piece here is beautiful, hope you find the time to color it! :)

mswas said...

D'OH! It is now 8:49 pm wednesday night, I would have loved to come out and see you at Hanleys. Oh well. ps, I haven;t forgotten the $$$, but taxes and kids camp payments are killing me for another 2 weeks or so - Sean W

ben c said...

sorry fabian! the puppies chickened out at the last minute, so it was a puppiless event. maybe next time!

sean - perfect timing, yesterday afternoon i just remembered to write to you. oh well, as long as one of us remembers, no worries!

it was a lot of fun (the ice cold beer didn't hurt none either), and a lot of old friends dropped in, which was a really nice surprise!

Chad T. said...

I thought I was the only one who had heard of the Judy's....