Tuesday, May 17, 2016


howdy all! i'll be at new york comic con in october! if you're interested in a commission, i strongly recommend reserving a spot now. i do take commissions at my table, but I've been booked up very quickly the last few times, and I'm doing fewer ink and marker commissions, especially last minute ones.

also note that while the prices for smaller commissions have stayed the same, i have raised them for the marker pieces. these take a lot longer, which means drawing for fewer people. it also means not always finishing commissions until long after the show, of which i am not a fan.


Commission rates: 

Pencils 8.5x11” — $80
Inks 8”x11” — $150
Super-Fancy Markers and Inks 9x12" — $250

Pencils 11”x17” — $150
Inks 11x17” — $300
Super-Fancy Markers and Inks 14x17" — $400

also keep in mind, i am currently only doing commissions at shows, for show pick-up.


sal said...

Hi, Ben! I'm interested in a commission from you. Only pencils 11x17 you are an amazing artist and I love your style.

Unknown said...

Hi Ben. I also want to get on that commission list for a Super-Fancy Markers and Inks 9x12 for $200.

I'm guessing we tell you here what we'd like. I asked on Twitter if 2 characters was alright, and the answer seemed to be yes, so if you could, I'd love to have a piece with Jubilee and Robin (Tim Drake) doing something flirty and goofy together (up to you, it could be eating tacos for all I care lol). They had a flirtatious/attracted relationship during the DC vs Marvel thing and I always thought they were pretty cute.

Thanks so much!
The More You Nerd

ben c said...

hi guys! I've reserved space for both of you, and i think that fills up my list for now. thanks and see you there!

Michael Hampton said...

Ack! Let me know if any room opens up, if not I'll swing by and say hi.

sal said...

Sorry Ben but I was asking for the commission but I wont atend the convention, I apologize for any inconvenient but I want the commission, just tell me where I need to deposit the payment please. This is the character I want http://salvador-raga.deviantart.com/art/Pancho-Villa-Cover-copy-359610362 Thank you very much!

Andrew said...

Hey Ben! Little late but could I reserve an 8.5x11 pencil sketch of Beth Ross? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Do you have space or another pencils commission?

ben c said...

hi all! i wanted to thank everyone who came by the table this past weekend!

if you were on my list but i didn't finish your commission, i will get it to you in the next few weeks.

for everyone else, I'm sorry but at this time I'm not taking on any new commissions. i have too many other commitments i need to catch up on. although i always do commissions at cons, and will definitely be at NYCC this year. i might also be at a few other regional cons, we'll see how my work schedule goes...

AlwaysBeCorgi said...

Hello Ben, I am interested in a Pencils 11”x17” — $150 slot for New York Comic Con 2016. I will send a follow up message on twitter to clarify the details and get payment to you. I look forward to seeing you again, thank you for your time!

ASway84 said...

Hi Ben! Not sure if this is the best way to contact you, but I couldn't find an email address anywhere. I work at Hasbro toys as a graphic designer on packaging. We are currently planning for an A-Force pack that includes 6 figures, and would love to have you create a custom illustration for the front panel. I think it would be a great tie-in for fans of the comic. Please let me know if you're interested and we can discuss details. My name is Ashley Swails, I can be reached at: ashley.swails@hasbro.com. Thank you!

john turner said...

Thanks Ben! Ok I love your work and I'm real excited about getting a sketch from you. I have a couple sketch covers to choose from but I would like to talk to you about getting your cartoon vision of the Guardians of the Galaxy on a blank sketch cover. Pencils is fine , also if that won't work out my backup would be your awesome cartoon version of wonder woman on a blank sketch cover. I will be at Indiana comic con on Friday and Saturday only. I'm guessing I will need to get to you right away on Friday. Here is my emailturner1138@gmail.com john Turner

john turner said...

Sorry email is turner1138@gmail.com

rebecca steinberg said...

Hey Ben- wanted to see if you still had a space open at NYCC 2017 for a 8x5 pencil. Hoping to get a DazzlerThor for my Women of Power wall. Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the con.

Allie Tarantino said...

Hi Ben! Im hoping to see you if you have space at NYCC 2017 for a pencil sketch cover of Wonder Woman. I can bring payment and copy of Wonder Woman/ Conan #1 on Thursday. I will be at NYCC on saturday and sunday for pick up. i can be reached at allie.art.tarantino@gmail.com

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