Tuesday, May 17, 2016


howdy all! i'll be at NICE in Bedfordshire sept 1-2! if you're interested in a commission, i strongly recommend reserving a spot now. i do take commissions at my table, but I've been booked up very quickly the last few times, and I'm doing fewer ink and marker commissions, especially last minute ones.

also note that while the prices for smaller commissions have stayed the same, i have raised them for the marker pieces. these take a lot longer, which means drawing for fewer people. it also means not always finishing commissions until long after the show, of which i am not a fan.


Commission rates: 

Pencils 8.5x11” — $80

(sometimes they cartoony)

(sometimes they ain't)

Inks 8”x11” — $150

Super-Fancy Markers and Inks 9x12" — $300

Pencils 11”x17” — $150

Inks 11x17” — $300

Super-Fancy Markers and Inks 14x17" — $400
(this one is unfinished but you get the idea)

also keep in mind, i am currently only doing commissions at shows, for show pick-up.
(if you have a friend who can pick up for you that's fine)