Wednesday, April 11, 2012

41 iron man

you'd never know it, based on most of my posts, but growing up i was a marvel reader.
8x11", pencil. $40 if you want it.


Franco said...

Oh my god! I finally found you!! I've bought your book Action cartooning a few months ago and it helped me so much! I already know I'll have alot of fun to visit this blog! ^^

Cully said...

This is going to strange... but you know how artists have a certain... style... to their facial structure? Have you ever seen a person on the street and thought... "Wow! That person looks just like they were drawn by Alan Davis!" Well, I have. And I have found the real life person that was drawn by you: Matt Bomer, the actor from "White Collar." Cheek bones, lips, hair, eyes... he IS one of your men. (I warned you...)