Friday, April 27, 2012

day53 smack talk

"next time, there will be spanking"

dirty, dirty spanking

8x11", pencil. SOLD.


Michael May said...

I see you're taking the "more tanks" seriously. Bravo.

CA3 said...

Unless the woman threatening a guy with spankings is his mother it doesn't tend to be taken for a threat, but rather an invitation. Loving your wonder woman series.


I love you ben caldwell!!!....I will really love to see some simple posing sketches from you!!!!....I'm such a pain in the ass...I left drawing since last year (jan) I'm coming back but this time to cartooning...plzzzz will I be able to cope?...plzz advice me....(Before I was drawing in traditional art style but not really good at it....but now I discover I want to really be a cartoonist)...plzzz advice me!!!....olubunmi john