Tuesday, April 24, 2012

me give you arts!

hi all!

let's talk about something i like to call "bribery".

so, the art school where i teach is having a fundraiser called "dancing with the reading (PA) stars". and they have an extremely loose definition of "star", because one of those dancers will be me.
here's how it works: you go to this site and click the vote box next to the picture me and my wife. it costs $5 per vote.

now perk up, laddies, here's where the bribery part comes in: anyone who votes 8 or more times for me will get an original drawing. (limited to the first 10 people, i think. also, these aren't commissions. i think of something cool to send you, and i send it.)

now, a cynical person will say that sounds an awful lot like cheating. and as always, that cynical person would be 100% correct.

remember: i don't get anything for winning. except for the pleasure of beating out a bunch of decent and deserving people who have worked harder than me. and isn't that what it's really all about? but more importantly, this awesome little art school gets a hand with their community art programs.

so if you're up for a little vote-rigging (and if you are reading this, who are we fooling?), then vote and send me the paypal reciept (and your address) and i'll send something loverly your way.

ben c

ps - what the hell, computer? you think "loverly" is an acceptable word? you are dead. to. me.

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Brittany Drew said...

Random fact but that's my hometown! =D

Good luck! You have my vote. =)