Tuesday, July 10, 2012


...it will be wednesday.

ALSO, i'll be launching a kickstarter for my new, ALL COLOR dare art book! (that's one of the many reasons i have been absent lately. also, stealing hubcaps.)

check back here tomorrow, and also follow me on twitter and facebook!

that's all the peek you get, you naughty thing!


R A B said...

I'd buy that for a dollar! :)

Jon McNally said...


dach said...

Why kickstarter ?

Why not a self publishing website like blurb.com or equivalent ?

chojinmahn said...

When did you start on facebook? & what is the twitter name please. Hope to see you ~@ nycc

ben c said...

RAB - too bad it's not a dollar

jon - howdy!

dach -

chojinmahn - i've had a FB acct for a while. i just update it... sporadically. my twitter is @bencaldwellart, and yes i'll see you at NYCC!