Thursday, July 19, 2012


hi all!

well, the kickstarter is off to a great... start. 2/3 of the way there after just a week! there aren't any special stretch goals to announce yet, as the goal hasn't been stretched, but there are a few announcements:

1) after looking at all the numbers, i've decided to expand the misfits' manual from 48 to 60pages.

2) since i'm expanding it anyway... the manual originally focused on misfits (as the title so cleverly suggests), but i'm going to use the extra space to introduce some of the places that feature in the dare detectives adventures, too. especially since many of these locations were originally created as backdrops for gaming adventures, and the stories themselves often evolved out of these locations and misfits.

3) as mentioned before, dare was originally an RPG, and the book will have the misfits' game stats and attributes. i don't think i'll include anything about the rules in the book, since i doubt that the original game was interesting (or different) enough to merit it, but i will be posting some of the game details here this weekend or next week, for anyone who is interested.

so if you haven't checked out the dare detectives kickstarter yet, please check it out now! and don't be shy about spreading the word, there is almost no possible way that could lead to the end of the world.

ben c

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