Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SDCC and commission reservations!

hi all! i'll be at BOOTH 1223 at the san diego comic con, from wednesday through saturday! i'll have 6 different sketchbooks to sell:

plus dare detectives #1 the snow pea plot:

as well as prints and original art.

i'll also have some sneak peek art from the dare detectives 2: the kula kola caper, and the all-action classics version of the wizard of oz (coming out this fall!):

as always, i'll be doing commissions, and as always, i suggest you hit me up before the con starts to save a slot -- i got a LOT of commissions at heroes con, and i'm just catching up now! i'm probably going to have to limit my SDCC commissions. so write me before the con, or show up as early as you can!

commissions come in 4 delicious flavors. 8.5x11" pencils are $80:

9x12" inks/markers are $150:

11x17" pencils are $150:

14x17" inks/markers are $250:

see ya soon!

ps - stay tuned for some additional dare detectives news next week!!!


fiawol said...

Hope to see gou tbere! Did you get my e-mails regarding commission reqjests? Dave

Jay said...

I highly recommend getting both the sketchbooks and a Ben C. commission! I have purchased both in the past and they are wonderful additions to any collection! The man is a master cartoonist!

KGfunkey said...

These are amazing! People need to do more Dr. Strange stuff...you don't see him anymore now a days.