Saturday, August 2, 2008

another sneak peek...

this is something i've been working on a long time.
so long that i don't even have the urge to write
something "witty" about how long it has been.

anyway, my college thesis was an series of illustrated
essays about a fictional civilization (even then, i'd been
working on it for a lon -- ah, you get the idea). ever
since then, i've been adding/revising to what is now
an impressive pile of crappy scribbles.

i had dreamed, like some jacob reclining on a stone
pillow, to greater things... perhaps some pretty art book?
or a fancy website? all dedicated to my self-indulgent
doodles. but the time has never come -- perhaps it never
will -- and enough is enough. so i will be piling a bunch
of this junk onto some site, in all of its undiluted and
undigested "glory".

here is a color doodle of an imperial bonds ad, one of
the illustrations for an essay about sex, consumerism,
social revolution and art in the "new empire" period of
my imaginary civilization. i'll post a link to my wonder
site... as soon as i've found/made one!

in my dream-life, i will have a chance to finish this and
a few similar pics, to make as prints. i don't really care
if anyone else buys them, i'd just love an excuse to
hang them on my wall...

(yes, this is a revised version of the oil painting i did
several years ago for a fundraiser.
which was itself a revis -- ah, forget it.)

as always, click for a larger version.

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willborough said...

Great to see you having a blog already lots of great sketches. Very slick lines on this one. I especially like the gun design!