Saturday, August 2, 2008


here is a sneak peek at "the wizard of oz".
okay, it's a very small sneak peek. anyways,
i love landscape painting, i could do it all
day. well, almost all day... i'd probably want
to sleep on occasion.

i really like the chickens.

(click on it for a much bigger image)


Jake said...

exciting! Can't wait to see more.

Monkeyfeather said...

Wonderful. I love the colour.

ben c said...

thanks guys!

jake - well, i''m still hoping to sit down and do some more 3d-friendly stuff, and i've been looking at what a lot of other people have done, but no time yet!

john - i'm tinting it down a little in the final book, i think. i love these colors, but i want to emphasize the later brilliance of oz, without having to candy-saturate it. so i think i will wait until the entire book is done, to make sure i do the right thing.

i'll be posting several pages for this and odyssey this fall, can't wait!