Thursday, August 14, 2008

minno samrin

more of the same... quick color sketch; idea for main page of kyres site, lettering that reflects (one of the various) "authentic" font style. also example of advertising/label art, for one of the essays. the creature is a minno samrin, a sort of spirit that sucks up negative energy and blows out good luck. (hence the coins he is also carrying.) this is what happens when your computer is taking forever to backup real "work" files. well, backup is done, back to my job!


Monkeyfeather said...

This is very cool. Nice design, on the character, but overall as well. Not sure why, but I would drink a beer called "The Bones of Kyres."

K McLeod said...

I dig it! If this was a cover in a comic shop I;d buy just for the chance to see more artwork like the cover. If this is practice your "real work" must be outa sight.

ben c said...

thanks guys!

john - types still needs some work, and there'll be more detailing on the orange border, and rodolphe pointed out some compositional issues i need to work out... but i am surprisingly happy with this. not sure when i can finish it, but i hope it's soon!

k- i'm curious to try a comic in this style, my comic work up to now has been in an entirely different vein.

and yes, this is practice, but no, my "real work" is very far from outa sight. at least for now.

hopefully i can change that!