Monday, August 25, 2008

something munchier

for "oz". i painted several houses separately, now i'm doing the bkg. one trick with the oz scenes is that they obviously have to be vibrant, but i don't want them looking too candy-coated, especially since it will be hard enough to overcome the "cutesy" stigma of the movie.
something else i want to show is that oz is very much lived in. for example, the munchkins have been ruled by a wicked witch for years, and assuming their definition of "wicked witch" is more or less the same as mine, their lands must be in pretty roughe shape. so i wanted a balance between jewel-like beauty and a certain sense of neglect. the tinman's shack provides a similar opportunity, as does the logo on his jacket. these have little visual flourishes that both show how exotic oz is, and how comfortable its denizens have made themselves.

more later!

ps - each quarter of oz is associated with a certain race and color (and witch). hence, the eastern witch rules the munchkins in their blue houses, etc. oddly enough, the civilization in "the bones of kyres" has a cardinal-compass cosmology which is similar.


Sam Nielson said...

This is so inspiring. I want to start drawing crazy billowy munchkin houses now.

J. F. Souza said...

It is very criative. Seems like a 3D house. I love the colors and the shape of it.

rory said...

Great design and colors, look forward to seeing the finished product. Oh, and nice to see you posting again!

craig said...

super appealing color/shape. Very nice