Tuesday, July 28, 2009


although WW has been an out-of-control success, i thought it would be nice to return to the roots of this blog for a moment. you know, challenging myself (well, WW was certainly that, but you know what i mean...)

i posted a to-do list last year, but there a few things i left off of it. one was the project below. i always joke that any comic that could appeal to both 13 year old girls AND 18 year old boys would be unstoppable.

it would also be almost impossible... which is of course what makes it a challenge.

so on the plane home from SDCC, i returned to this one project with a few doodles. it involves a high school full of supernatural mishaps. these focus more on the high school side of it, at some point i will have more pics of the crazy stuff. some of these are designs for specific characters, others are general school types (not stereotypes). none of the boys sparkle, but some of them are real purty. teen-movie deal, here i come!


Gabe said...

I am neither a 13 year old girl nor am I an 18 year old boy and I would buy this.

Monkeyfeather said...

Looks, and sounds, like it could be VERY cool.

Sorry I missed you at SDCC...

Anonymous said...

This is a cool concept. I hope you do more with it. I would buy it.

Su Haitao said...

Hi Ben, I wish you are all best on SDCC!
I really hope one day to see you, just because You are idol in my heart!

Zawadi said...

Yea this is a wonderul idea and i agree with Su Haitao we havn't seen you before, it would be pretty cool to know what you look like.

LFW said...

I've seen you before mr. caldwell, in photos, man you are an ugly dood, lol. But you are a damn fine artist. I cannot wait to see this movie, executives would be INSANE not to sign it on the spot.

cheers to your work


Anonymous said...

This is a cool concept. I hope you do more with it. I would buy it.

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