Wednesday, July 8, 2009


wednesday comics #1 comes out today! woo woo!


Mark said...

Congrats, Ben. You're a damned fine cartoonist and this is the showcase you deserve.

Zawadi said...

O my god please tell me were to get one!

wws1fan said...

Get to the local comic shop! I can't wait to see more!!! Wonder Woman ROCKS!!!

Su Haitao said...

Really Ben Caldwell? WOW! I am a Illustrator from China, is your biggest FANS, I have your Action Cartooning and Fantasy! Cartooning and other your sketchbook! These books of great help to me, BEN, Thank you for your work! I want to be friends with you, I have some cartoon work and would like to hear your comments! Sincere thanks!

LFW said...

Congrats man, yer on yer way up the ladder, I can tell, up next, yer own movie/television series/videogame etc.

I'm gonna have to pick this issue up at the store.

cheers to you and your work, man