Saturday, July 11, 2009

hi all!

if anyone is interested in seeing the WW page at a larger size and with its original coloring:

and notes related to the first page:

it will be updated weekly


Su Haitao said...

Hi Ben, Thank you for your hard works! congratulation new website, cheers from China! I want to be friends with you.

I am a Illustrator from China, is your biggest FANS, I have your Action Cartooning and Fantasy! Cartooning and other your sketchbook! These books of great help to me.

I have some cartoon work and would like to hear your comments! Sincere thanks!

Raff said...

Hello, Ben. I'm a first time poster on your blog. Actually I just discovered your blog minutes ago. It's funny because I've collected some of your books and I love your style but I was never much of an internet surfer so I kinda lost track of you that way. That is until I bought a brand new laptop and googled your name. I hope you'll get a chance to make it up to Toronto's FanExpo one year. That would be rad. Looking forward to seeing more awesome art.

CANTrow said...

I really love your coloring style. You should make a book on your coloring work flow... I would buy it!

ben c said...

hi all!

i'm glad you enjoyed my books, haitao! i'll definitely check out your work.

raff - googling my name is funny, since it is common and there are some very odd "ben caldwell"s out there. i'm not surprised you lost track of me — i'm always working, but it feels like my books come out at a glacial pace. that's the nice thing about my WW book, short and sweet!

cantrow - someday... if you've seen my other books (like dare detectives and dracula) i try and give each one a distinct color treatment. although in the case of WW, i might be trying too hard, since a lot gets lost in the printing. but it is so fun!

Su Haitao said...

Thanks Ben again!
I would like a friend with you!
I have add your blog link :)