Monday, July 13, 2009


just got some copies... all the stories look even better this week, although i think my favorites have to be pope's strange and demon/catwoman.

am i allowed to say that?

the WW page reads much better than last time, some of that is probably because the colors are slightly less acidic and weird, partly because this has always been one of my favorite pages in terms of layout etc.

woo woo!


Anonymous said...

just got the first one, and it looks fan-tastic! i picked it up for your work, and found some of the best art from many of the artists i most admire. really impressive to see what people can do with a more flexible layout.

my only criticism is that it could have been BIGGER.

could you please be a little less awesome? it is intimidating.

Zawadi said...

jimwwsmith were did you get one I've been looking all over!

Anonymous said...

at my local comics shop ( Legends Comics and Books, 633 Johnson St, Victoria, BC ) they had a good stack, and it was selling well.

incidentally, one of the owners got press today in our local paper:

Zawadi said...

Yea, well I live in NC and that on the other side of the US and there aren't any good comic book stores here cause the only good one closed down. So Ben can you give me any websites that sell your comic book. Please!!!

ben c said...

you can order them pretty much anywhere.
amazon has them (for $5 instead of $4), or midtown comics in NYC ships them anywhere. i'm sure there are tons of other places.

jim - i wish it was bigger! but that would be commercially impossible. although i laugh every time i read that DC should collect them all at a smaller size, i think they'd have to ut WW out because it would be unreadable.
then again, most people already think it's unreadable...

Su Haitao said...

Wowow! I like your strange and demon/catwoman, just so cool :)

Anonymous said...

Although i laugh every time i read that DC should collect them all at a smaller size

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