Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2 bleu


i might go back and ink this at some point

ps - as you can tell, sometimes i can't update the blog as quickly as twitter (although i'm more likely to write something "meaningful" here) so if you're in a buying mind, twitter in the morning will probably be the best bet.


i just wanted to thank everyone at SCAD, from the faculty to the handlers to the students, for making this past trip so great. it was really inspiring seeing all the work, most of which was certainly better than when i was in school -- i even brought some of my old (terrible) art to prove it! the people, especially the people who grabbed me in the halls or came to the extra workshops and drawing jams, really showed a dedication that is impressive at any age.

anyone who didn't get to see me, or wants to follow up, or chat, feel free to email me ben(at)daredetectives(dot)com. just put "SCAD" or something in the subject, i get tons of spam. also, if you don't hear back, feel free to write again -- i love to talk to people but i'm busy, and i'm also a terrible human being. so don't worry about pestering me or anything.

i'm looking for some samples i got from DW for character composition and backgrounds/camerawork that i think could be helpful... one thing i noticed is that a lot of students (and probably a lot of other people out there, including younger-me, were light on the environments and how to use them. even in the most basic, making-it-easy-on-yourself way.

thanks again all! and cheers!
ben c

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