Saturday, February 11, 2012


been reading "the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe" to my daughters at bedtime lately. now they want turkish delight, and i have to be honest, i'm not sure that's a big thing in amish country.

some narnia pics from one of my old sketchbooks:

lucy and aravis
jadis (the white queen/witch)


Erik Johnson said...

A favorite of my childhood years! Thanks for sharing your unique take on these select characters.

Gillibean said...

Love your version of the White Queen! Just as Id imagine her!

Marc Johnston said...

These are great!!!

steviem said...

Great work Ben. I loved the book and must confess I was quite 'bewitched' by the White Queen!

ben c said...

thanks guys!
i'd probably design jadis differently now, or at least try a few versions. maybe i will, so my girls can be entertained!

Mike said...

Awesome, great job conveying Lucy's personality...she's my favorite, maybe cause I have three gals of my own! Thanks for the great art Ben, I often open up your "Action! Cartooning" when I need to be inspired. God Bless man.