Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SCAD baby II: more scad

hi all! in case you didn't see the post right below this one (and who am i to judge?), i'll be at SCAD this weekend for the comics art forum.
what the post below didn't mention is that i volunteered to do extra workshops and port reviews during the forum!

extra. as in more.

so if my first workshop is filled up (and for my own vanity, i'm just going to assume that it is), keep a look out for another one! if you can't get the port review, check again! just remember; there are only 2 things in life that i love: drawing and talking about drawing*. so take advantage of it before i slip away into the swampy savannah night, like a bald-but-reasonably-talented-will-o-wisp!

more art for yer eyes!

*also, coffee rolls

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Erica H said...


It did fill up! I myself got on the list. Super excited!