Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SCAD baby!

hi all!
sometimes, i wish to impart my great wisdom to others.
sometimes, they are foolish enough to let me.

from feb 23-26 i will be at the savannah college of art and design, doing workshops, panels, and portfolio reviews. there will be other, realer artists there, including skottie young, mark schultz, and bernard chang (the full info is here). i did this a few years ago and it was great fun, really looking forward to doing it again!

i'll also be bringing tons of art, and maybe i can talk them into letting me do extra classes or something. last time, we set up an impromptu sketch party at the hotel one night...

so if you go to SCAD, sign up early! sign up twice! (what else are you doing with that second fake ID card, anyway?)

do it!

sign up now!


even if your name is lisa and you would scream too much.

also: art!


ben c said...

that's an old pic, although you've probably never seen it unless you're from the DB.
it's a quick sketch i did immediately after waking up from a really weird dream. (and i am saying this as someone who has had many, many weird dreams.

last fall i turned it into a bedtime story for my girls. eventually i'll make it into a kid's book.

Joey said...

I graduated from SCAD last spring. I'll be sure to be there next week.

BluePrint said...

This is awesome, which SCAD are you going to?

Zoe said...

I signed up a couple days ago and put your workshops down as my first choice! I'm really looking forward to it. :)

ben c said...

i'll be there, pencil in my hand and non-sequitur on my lips. or in my lips, it depends how hungry i am.

BP, i will be at the savannah SCAD, unless they reroute my flight and i give the good students of the cleveland college of art and design a big surprise.

i'm not sure if i'll do a workshop on characters, or world-building, or i'll just draw and make fun of my own work! if i don't do it, who will?*

i'll bring a sneak peek at some of my new projects, too.

*everybody. the answer is everybody.

ben c said...

while we're all chatting here... what would YOU guys be interested in seeing/hearing from me?

BluePrint said...

I would love to know your influences and how you get the creative energy flowing. Wish I could come but i'm closer to the SCAD in Atlanta.

Lisa Naffziger said...

Oh hey,
I'm actually the Lisa who's screaming over the fact that you're coming. And that I have a portfolio review with you.

I have no idea how you stumbled upon that post on my tumblr. This is both hilarious and embarassing. Either way, I'm excited to meet you. I'd like to think I'm cooler in person.

ben c said...


actually, i was googling "ben caldwell scad" to see if i could figure out what i had done last time i was there.

and everyone is cooler in person! except me. this is as cool as i get. fortunately, i have a backup ben if this one doesn't work out.