Friday, October 14, 2011

NYCC and sketchbooks

howdy all!
at NYCC and my head hurts and i'm feeling sick and i'm having a blast! great seeing so many old friends again, so many talented artists too! must go to sleeeeep, but...

if you emailed me about sketchbooks and have not heard back (and you know who you are), don't fret! i'm working through the list slowly, but there have been so many orders for both SB14/15 and my older sketchbooks, that i am printing more of everything and there shall be sketchbooks aplenty, and little timmy will get his christmas goose, after all!

next week i'll also be posting prints for sale, tried that out at the convention and it is going swimmingly. and of course everyone knows that art just seems so much more real if someone is willing to give you money for it and stick it on a wall. amirite?

just some con arts to make this post bearable.

ps - if you were in martin's class, thanks again for having me, and i hope i didn't turn you all into terrified cynics. that's what graduation is for!

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