Thursday, October 6, 2011


howdy action fans!

well it's been a long time coming, but i found a printer and i found a few minutes of free time and the rest is history! starting at NYCC, i will be selling copies of my newest sketchbook. why does it have two names? because it earned them.

one side of the book is art from the critically hated wednesday comics wonder woman, the other side is art from the world's most defective detectives! 80 pages of 100% premium cartooning for $15. i wouldn't call that the deal of the century, except i just did.

i'll have copies of this sketchbook at NYCC. i'll also have the big ol' 130pp "dare uberfolio", which is a reprint of the first four dare sketchbooks — for $15. it's like you're robbing me, only you're handing me money so that doesn't seem like the best comparison.

it's a great deal is what i'm saying.

pictured: a great deal, is what i'm saying

now, you might be one of the few billion people who are not going to NYCC, i understand that. fortunately, the 21st century has personally stepped in to lend a hand, internet style.

if you are interested in either book, you can e-mail me at to order. in fact, you can order SB14/15 early — it's a pretty small run, so if you want to reserve a copy from the grabbing hands at comic-con, better let me know!

until next time

ben c


Purple Quark said...

OOOh, I gotta have one! I'm e-mailing your right now!

Lou Holsten said...

I also gotta have one! Sent an email, and impatiently waiting for more info :)