Monday, October 10, 2011

yawn... even more junk for NYCC and beyond!

did i mention i'm going to be at NYCC? let's, for the sake of this one-sided conversation, assume that i did not. GUESS WHAT GUYS? I'M GOING TO B--

oh forget it. you obviously already know, my charade it is a failure!

ok, now that we've cleared the small talk, on my incredibly small table at NYCC, in addition to sketchbooks and mostly free postcards and con sketches, i will also have original art and prints. i have already been putting things together, but tune in because this is where you can do your part for the cause.

what would you like to see? and by "see", of course i mean "pay me money for". i will have original at from WW, dare, pinups, and odds and ends. if there is anything more specific you are interested in, let me know so i can bring it. or if you won't be there, drop me a line anyway.
ditto for prints. i'll have the gojira print, along with some art from oz and dare and st michel and a few odds and ends, but if there's any little piece of mine that has a special place in your heart (hopefully on the ventricular side), let me know and maybe i can slip that in.

also, a few clever people have reserved con-sketch time. these are the sort of on-the-spot-johnnies i'm proud to associate with. my time isn't even remotely valuable, but still i never seem to have enough of it, and you gotta lock that down.

just like mrs veal.


Merrily said...

I wish I were going to NYCC! You should come to Emerald City Comicon sometime.

I would buy anything and everything Wonder Woman of yours. Your version of Steve Trevor is...(how do I say this without coming off like a weirdo)...incredibly hot. That would be a pinup I would like. :D

What about your how to draw books to sell? I would think kids and people who are interested in cartooning would snatch those up.

ben c said...

haha, that's not weird, that's the entire point of steve trevor! i mean, fighting evil and blah blah blah, but mostly hotness. etta brings enough testosterone for everyone.

i will have action cartooning at NYCC, but i imagine everyone who wants that book already has it.

someday perhaps i will go to emerald con. to be honest, i'm always nervous about spending the $$$ to go someplace and maybe not sell anything. because i am a sissy.

BluePrint said...

First I'd like to say you are an AWESOME artist(well thats pretty much a fact) second I wish I was closer to New York. Your drawings of Wonder Woman are brilliant which book will those drawings be in and will the books be in bookstores anytime soon?

ben c said...

hi blueprint!
the art will be in my sketchbook 14/15. you can order it directly from me, bencaldwellart(at)hotmail(dot)com, or you can buy it from stuart ng, or in canada from the labyrinth store, or in europe from alca/pulp art in paris.