Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NYCC sketches 3

2 more con sketches. dr strange is roughs for an 11x17 pic that i'm working on.

the bottom is a random doodle, based on a tattoo artist i met. i didn't actually see her punch the red skull, but come on.

pictured: come on

also, howdy again to everyone i met, and everyone i met again! i didn't get to visit all the tables i wanted to, but here's hoping for next time!

also, to sarah from nebraska/massachusetts: i still didn't see your art!
(as a general note, everyone should be carrying art on them at all times.)


Gillibean said...

Great sketches! I love the dude on the top page, well french! Hahaha.

kalonji said...

Very good ! love it.