Saturday, October 1, 2011


hi all! if you're at NYCC, you can stop by my table in artist alley: L17.
i'll have lots of work to show, lots of work to sell, and you can mock me in real time as i draw con sketches! it's like everyone's birthday at the same time! except mine. my birthday's a few days before.

oh wait. you want to know what that is up there? well, you'll find out soon enough!


Ted Terranova said...

Awesome. Can't wait to see you draw in person. And can't wait to see your new stuff. The oddyssey is one of my favorites. Amazing art. Can we a bring a book or 2 for you to sign or is that frowned upon? This'll be my first nycc so I'm not prepped on the etiquette :)

ben c said...

hi ted!

certainly signing books is not frowned upon. first of all, it makes me feel important, which is always a plus! secondly, the longer you are around my table, the more effectively i can pressure you to spend more money.

so it's pretty much a win/win for me.

i will also be at the archaia booth, i'll post details on that later...

Ted Terranova said...

Ben, that's great. I'll be sure to stop by your table. Thanks.