Thursday, March 8, 2012

10 bikini cowboy

i've know luke weber and bikini cowboy forever... but for some reason, while i knew he was working on the book, i didn't know it was already out. foolish ben! now i have to get it, looks awesome and pulpy and, if anyone can carry hundreds of pages of bikini cowboys and make it work, it's luke. and maybe rodolphe. but only one of them has a book with bikinis and cowboys, so i guess that's that.
pictured: that's that.

you can get the book here, and luke's also got a sketchbook that i must have. so please get them both, but wait until i've got them first, you selfish bastards.

as always, 8x11", pencil, $40.


Jon McNally said...

Call me a selfish bastard, but I couldn't wait on you.

ben c said...

selfish bastard.

WJC said...

I got it the other day, a great present in the post and it's ACE! Cracking version here too.