Friday, March 2, 2012

4 willy wonka, vampire hunter (sigh)

i'm a little concerned.
on the one hand, come on, this picture is hilarious.
but still, i feel that it is exactly how you might've guessed i'd draw wonka etc.
the whole point of these warmups is to do something different from what i'm already doing that day for work. trying something different.

or... maybe not? maybe it's just the drawing equivalent of a morning stretch, and i should just shut up and draw?

time will tell!



Erik Johnson said...

Willy looks like Jon Pertwee from "Doctor Who". Sweet.

Seems theres a growing trend in childhood heroes killing vampires. Abe Lincoln Vampire Killer is being turned into a movie, Slave Labor Graphics is publishing "Santa vs Dracula" this Decemeber, and this is just the next step and so far I'm loving it.

willborough said...

It looks great, even if it's not a real departure from your regular style. I'm instantly intrigued.


joel levene said...

Personally I love it. The whole point in art is to try and create your own unique style, and that's exactly what you've done. I can look at your work and know it was done by you, even if stumbled across randomly without your name being at the top of it. Of course it always seems good to try and be diverse, but from what I already know about all the art I like, all my favourite artists seem to stick to one style and one style only. But as they do it brilliantly, it means all their work is brilliant regardless. So stick at this style Ben, is your style and no one should take that away from you; great job!