Tuesday, March 6, 2012

hold on to your hats!

i swear on my mother's grave (sorry mom!) that i'm doing these 3 projects this year, come hell or high water. or BOTH -- i can swim and i'm from texas, so bring it on.

dare 2 - the kula kola caper

the secret of st michel

and something... else


Chad T. said...

Where in TX? I'm from Round Rock.

Chad T. said...

I'm currently working in the Disney Studio in Austin.

Louise said...

Good luck with them!
Would love to see them all :D

Rowan said...
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Ross Burt said...

3 words for 3 new projects..




ben c said...

i'm from ALL OF IT.

or technically, houston. which i think shows up in a lot of my work, especially DD. it will be even more obvious in DD3, when the detectives visit toby's hometown, a cross between central texas and transylvania (which, of course, are practically the same thing).
also in the DD origin story, which has all the heat and haze and dirt and pure excitement of being a kid in the city in the summer, running through abandoned construction sites and roaring freeways and acting like a maniac. and bayous. gotta have the bayous!

ps - is this chad turner? what's up? wow, it has been a while.

pbcbstudios said...

lovin that last image. need more.

ben c said...

Thanks Paul! There will def be more, planning it as webcomic, just need to work out financing and scheduling...