Friday, March 16, 2012

day17? batman & poison ivy again

i don't know how this happened.

i was trying to work on something else, my computer was dragging and i was going through old drawings. several were rejected drafts of the batman/poison ivy commission i did. (for some reason, that one particular piece gave me more trouble than almost anything i've ever done. don't know why.)
anyhoo, i liked one of the old compositions so i started doodling it out again because, why not? well, it got out of hand, but whatever.
i've found myself using that particular "font" a lot. i shall dub it "achoo!", since i first drew it as a sneeze SFX for the wizard of oz.


inknoir said...

While your batman is great, your Poisin Ivy has a pre-raphialite edge that is quite appealing

ben c said...

thanks inknoir! i was thinking this is more like what would happen if freud and mucha got coked up while reading batman.

wait, who am i kidding with "if"?

steviem said...

Great work as always. I too find your Poison Ivy quite appealing - not so much due to a pre-raphaelite edge, but because she's rather bangin'.

rodguen said...

stunning, Ben.