Tuesday, March 27, 2012

28 catwoman throne

watched batman returns the other night. god i love that movie! well, the first half of it, i like to pretend the second half doesn't exist. just like young sherlock holmes.

8x11, pencil. SOLD


spleenal said...

I love half of Batman returns too.

If only someone would bring out an edited version with out the penguin.

I've got nothing against the penguin. But whenever I'm watching the penguin all i'm thinking "I'm not watching Michelle Pfeiffer in a catsuit!"

Ash Collins said...

whats wrong with batman returns?

ben c said...

unfortunately i don't have the time or energy to dissect BR, but the whole second part was sloppy and disjointed, and the party crashing/penguin army part got stupid. but the selina/bruce relationship (and her double deterioration) were brilliant. i'd say they were the best thing in any batman movie, including the newer ones.

BR is easily one of my top 10 films, probably top 5.

Ross Burt said...

the original is still good, with Vale and a great unhinged Keaton, and Pfieffer is super hot in returns, but I just felt the second one feels like Gotham is filmed on a tiny backlot set, and yeah the second half gets stoopid.

Still...miles better than forever, and we wont even mention clooneys endeavor!

ben c said...

ironically, BR sets took up over half the entire WB lot during production, one of the most ambitious setups ever.
not really a fan of the first one, then i guess i'm not a big fan of nicholson. i thought keaton was surprisingly brilliant as wayne, not so much as batman. but i think some of that might have been the writing, or directing, or choreography.