Thursday, March 1, 2012

3 zatanna

i have to be honest, as a drawing this is nice, and i tried to work in some new ideas, but not so happy with it as a warmup sketch. maybe because i had to keep stopping, didn't finish it until tonight!
that's bernard chang. all weekend he was messing with our heads, magic-style. i'm also pretty sure he's a ninja assassin, but proving it is something else entirely.


BluePrint said...

Love the style of her pose is awesome, what would you consider a sketch to be? Me and a friend got into a disagreement about that.

ben c said...

generally, i'd say a sketch is something done in anticipation of doing something else. regardless of how finished either the one or the other is.
there are lots of oil paintings that look great, but are sketches in preparation for a final mural or whatever.
for example, the st michel sketch is very detailed (but rough), but it was a warmup not just for today, but as warmup for that project in general.